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Outdoor Kids Portraits Photoshoot
“Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime.” - Donna Marie

Why should you document your kid’s milestones ?

Let’s be honest, kids grow up so fast. It’s like at one moment they are so tiny and in a blink of an eye they start walking. You wouldn’t want to miss all these moments or just keep them in your mobile. This is the reason I encourage parents to document every milestone of their little ones by having a professional Kids portrait photosession.

When is the right time ?

Anytime! No matter how old your kid is, there is always a new activity that he/she has learnt. Kids are full of so many expressions and this is what makes Kids photoshoots so much fun!

What to expect at the photoshoot ?

I always start off by making kids comfortable with me, the camera and the location. After that I just follow them (literally run behind!) with my camera and start clicking as I witness their cuteness. I rarely use props or posed pictures with kids, but you are free to bring their favorite toys/books.

So, if you are looking for a Children photography service in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon, contact now and let's discuss more. The Kids portraits session can be upgraded to a Family Photosession

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