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Why Photography..

My Life partner

Little did I know that I would marry someone, who shares the same love for photography as me. 

The first conversation I had with my husband was about photography.. What camera models we have, which lenses we use, what we love to click.. Such a delight it was!

He has supported me unconditionally, to start a full fledged career in photography. When time allows, he loves to join me in shoots and help me with some extra pictures (who doesn't love more!)

Not only this, but he is also the biggest critic of my work too. He keeps motivating me to keep experimenting, learning something new. 

My Dad

My journey and passion for photography started at a very early age in life. I used to observe my Dad clicking pictures and capturing important moments of our lives.


I still have my mother’s maternity pictures and my pictures as a new-born baby (Imagine from an era when there were no SLRs!). Thanks to these pictures, I can cherish those moments of the past! It was my dad who encouraged me to experiment with photography and also funded my first DSLR :)

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