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Photography is about capturing souls and moments that matter!

Why Photography? 
Hi. My name is Kriti Agarwal. I started doing professional photography gigs in 2014. The first assignment was a pre-wedding session of my roommate. Since then, there is no looking back! 
My journey and passion for photography started at a very early age in life. I used to observe my Dad clicking pictures and capturing important moments of our lives. I still have my mother’s maternity
pictures and my pictures as a new-born baby (Imagine from an era when there were no SLRs!). Thanks to these pictures, I can cherish those moments of the past! It was my dad who encouraged me to experiment with photography and also funded my first DSLR :) 
Who am I beyond photography?

I am a Post-Graduate and used to be a Technical Software Lead in a big corporate firm. After years of working in the white-collar job, I called quits to follow my real passion and build a career on something that I love doing.

My Photography Style 

When I say candid, I actually mean it. I love capturing the emotions in their raw form and not in a directed and posed manner. I do click some portraits, but most of my other pictures in the gallery are just magical moments, filled with love, laughter and raw emotions. I love clicking pictures outdoors, with lush green backgrounds and blue sky. Other then outdoors, I also shoot indoor lifestyle sessions.
There is always an attempt to show the feel of the moment, capturing souls, and not just a picture.

My bond with clients 

I feel it’s important to develop a bond with my clients before and during the session when I click them. I talk to them before the session in order to know them and ensure that they have a certain
level of comfort with me. During the shoot, I try and break their tension of facing the camera, by cracking silly jokes :P I am in touch with many of my old clients due to the bond we
created and still share :)

Give me a chance, you won’t regret!

If you are in NCR and looking to get captured with your loved ones, then I would love to do the honors and help you create Moments That Will Matter to you.