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Virtual Photoshoots - Worldwide



Photography is a service that is believed to be a face to face in-person contact. Last year a lot of photographers came up with the idea of Virtual Photography which opened gates for new ventures.


Virtual photoshoot means that the photographer and the subject/client don't have to come in face to face contact and the shoot is done via internet video calling.


The pictures are clicked using an app which gives the photographer control over the client's mobile camera. The mobile has to be fixed on a mobile tripod for this purpose. The photographer directs the client to pose or move the mobile tripod and clicks photographs. Once the shoot is done, the photographer is able to download all the images clicked during the shoot.


One can say the subject can easily use a remote to click their own images using the setup of mobile and tripod.


But this is a lot more then just pressing the shutter button.


- Photographers have a different vision that brings versatility to the images.


- It is really difficult and almost impossible to click candid images yourself using a remote. It's photographer who directs you and gives you prompts which brings out candidness and the pictures are clicked in between those moments.


- You get professionally edited pictures after the photoshoot which brings more life to the images. RAW images lack the art feel in them.


- COVID should not restrict you from capturing your important milestones or day to day moments.


There is definitely a difference in the pixel quality of images which are clicked on a mobile compared to professional SLR cameras.


However, there is no difference in the showcasing your candid moments and raw emotions, be it a mobile image or an SLR image. The realness of your moments with your loved ones remains the same in a virtual photoshoot.


My main motive is to capture the natural you and your family without having the restrictions of distance or pandemic.


Yes, definitely. We can make beautiful photo albums using these images and you can have a book full of moments and memories.


Reach out to me for a video sample.

So, if you are looking for a no contact photoshoot from any part of the world, contact now and let's discuss more. I promise, in the end, you will go back with some amazing clicks as a group, capturing your true unique personalities.


Upto 60 min : Rs. 5,000/- (Base price) 

for 10 HD edited images.

For every additional 30 min, Rs. 2,000/- will be charged and you get access to 5 more HD images.  

More images can be purchased from online personalized gallery. 

Client Diaries..

Virtual Photo session with Himadri 3.jpeg

"I have had very good experience with Kriti. I have gotten an online distant professional photo clicked through her and the pics have come brilliant. She puts the client at ease, she is easy to connect to, interact with and her photography skills are on point. Booking and getting date was easy. The day of session was also very nice. I have planned to get more pics clicked and recommend her to everyone."

- Himadri


"I was initially very skeptical about this idea but it was breeze with Kriti, being very patient and thorough. She is very warm and listens to what you want as well as tries to go through extra length to deliver. Very pleased and would definitely recommend!"


- Paulami Saha

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