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A fun product shoot with Crafting Queen Karuna

We started no-contact product photography last year after COVID hit us and gave us an opportunity to explore more verticals. With no-contact photography, a brand can send over their products via courier to get a photoshoot done. The photoshoot concept is discussed beforehand by getting an idea of the brand's representation and ideologies.

A fun product shoot with Crafting Queen Karuna

One such recent fun phot session that came our way was from Crafting Queen Karuna Chauhan. Restarted her venture in Resin art and makes several decorative and functional art pieces ranging and not limited to wall clocks, coasters, trays, Trinket baubles, pop sockets, keychains, fridge magnets, cake stands, wall art and much more. Her designs are truly beautiful and innovative, something that one doesn't generally get to see in resin art.

When Karuna came to me with the idea of photoshoot, we had a long discussion on what her vision is and how she wants to put the images on social media and other platforms. Knowing the proper usage of images beforehand gives us more clarity on how many variation need to be clicked and what dimensions need to be taken care of.

After the discussion we kick started the shoot with multiple layouts and themes. The very first and my favorite one was Ocean theme where we clicked all her ocean pop sockets. For the background we made a proper beach scene and it just came out beautiful.

We took a lot of mood shots also with sky and greens as the background elements.

While doing the shoot, I was in a complete aww seeing her products. The designs are so fresh and such so much variety. I loved how she played with the colors, textures and elements.

Check out her full collection on her Instagram profile. She is shipping PAN India and taking custom orders too.

Contact us to know more about Product photography services.

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