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Latest project of 2021.. Product photography with Vijayshree Sovani's silver jewellery!

So 2021 started with an interesting project! As I dived more into creative Product Photography, Vijayshree Sovani contacted me for one such project. As we connected over call, we talked about what she is looking for and details about her products.

With nearly an experience of 15 years, Vijayshree Sovani is a jewellery designer with numerous awards in at National and International Levels. She is an Army wife and balances the responsibility of Being an Entrepreneur, a mother and a services wife delicately. Her jewellery is a unique fusion of Indian Craft and innovative designs.

Her work has got International recognition at 2012 Oscars, where her Bracelet "Sands of Time" was worn by Hollywood Celebrity and Presenter. The same bracelet is Rio Tinto Global Design Award Winner too. .

As the products arrived, I was amazed to see such Chic stylish fusion designs which we usually don't get in silver jewellery. Her work is inspired by themes from daily facets of life, which makes each of her silver jewellery collections touch us in a very special way.

All her collections are based either on some Indian craft like the five yard collection which is based on traditional Indian sarees or on the beauty of nature like the Tree of life collection. On top of all this, her gorgeous jewellery is light on the pocket too.

My approach while clicking the pictures was to let the product shine. The backdrops and colors in the setup were kept neutral so that they don't overpower the product. With a combination of dark and light backdrops, we were able to achieve phenomenal results.

My love for nature is not new and of course I used my favourite plants to add more creativity. The mix of green and blue balanced the overall picture in a subtle way.

Vijayshree's products are Unique & Exquisite and would be loved by anyone. Her designs brings a whiff of fresh air in the repetitive factory mode world of silver jewellery.

Click here to check out her products and pamper yourself in buying some of these!

Contact us to know more about Product photography services.

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