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Lifestyle photography with Kids

Lifestyle photography is something which is close to my heart. Not every family who comes to for a photo-session asks for it, but trust me, it is one of the most beautiful kind of photography.

We as a photographer, get to capture the essence of a family's home and their raw emotions. Kids make this task easy and difficult at the same time. You have to move quick, be alert, on your toes, with the camera ready!

I recently did a lifestyle photoshoot with this cute kid, Kenisha. She is always high on energy and displays such variations in expressions!

While working with kids, we need to make sure to let them be themselves. Let them free and not instruct them around. That's how the most beautiful and real picture comes out. Kenisha loves watching her mother dressing up, getting ready. So I thought of capturing that love of her on the camera. Kenisha was more then happy playing around with the makeup stuff of her mom, while I captured her cuteness!

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