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My favorite Photoshoot locations in Delhi

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

As a photographer, the main challenge is to find a perfect spot for your photo-shoots. I prefer lush green backgrounds with a mix of heritage at times. Over these last 6 years of my photography journey, I have done photo-sessions at multiple locations in Delhi. Below are some of my favorites :

Lodhi Garden : This is probably every photographer's favorite spot in Delhi. Reason being the variety of backdrops, colors, location and much more. Lodhi garden is pretty huge and it's impossible to cover the whole area in one visit. The best part is, you can experiment with different spots every time and create variations in your pictures.

Lodhi Art District : It's full of Street Art, colorful and truly beautiful. I would would like to confess that I myself never heard of it before october 2019. Yes! Even after being a regular at Lodhi Garden, I never knew about Lodhi Art District. I came to know about it through a friend and the first photoshoot I did there was my own Birthday special Portrait session.. Yei!

Sanjay lake : I am pretty sure you have not heard of it, like ever! How do I know about this place? A close friend of mine live near by and he suggested this location when we planned his family photosession. The place is again huge, and full of greens and a lake. The crowd there is not very friendly, so I would advice to shoot at early mornings.

Humayun's Tomb : You might have visited this in your school time trips and found boring. But honestly, it's so perfect for a photosession. I love the depth of field it gives me while shooting across beautiful fountains. Sad part is, the security gaurds might trouble you for the professional photoshoot and ask for permission. So better you go there prepared with your documents.

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