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Which lens to choose ?

I am a Canon user and owned almost 10 lenses till now. Some are for crop frames and then some are for full frame bodies. Out of these 10 lenses, 8 are Prime! Yes, I am a prime lens lover and just cannot work without one.

We all have heard of Nifty Fifty, and you will get to read it everywhere on the internet that best lens to start photography with is 50mm f1.8 prime. This wonderful lens costs less than 8k and the results are amazing.

I too started like this but honestly speaking, if you are serious about going into photography in future then invest a bit more and go for 50mm f1.4 which should cost you around 25k. Why? It’s for the fact that after using the 1.8 for a year or so may be, you WILL get attracted to 1.4 and end up buying that for sure! And yes there is a significant difference in the results. Another advantage, you can use the same lens with Full frame body too without doing any extra investment.

Also, if you have worked with the nifty fifty for long and looking for a wider lens but don’t want to spend a hefty price for it, then go for Sigma 35mm Art f1.4 lens. The best lens I have worked with till now. I am more of a move ahead, move back, go up, go down person while shooting, rather then zooming in and out. So this works for me!

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