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2020 made us do this : Textile with Ceramics

Who would have thought that the unlikely combination of textile accessories over ceramics, can yield such beautiful results. Well, the year twenty twenty has been disappointing in so many ways, but it did give us the opportunity to extend ourselves beyond the ordinary.

Paulami Saha has been a regular client and now a friend since the last two years. Her beautiful textile fashion accessories are popular with many and so this idea emerged as a solution towards moving ahead in spite of corona and finding ways of supporting one another, with minimal physical contact. Our search began with finding someone living nearby in Delhi NCR working in Ceramics and passionate enough to take part in this concept.

Paulami then suggested talking to Ginni Suri, whom she has known from Dastkar. I saw her work and instantly fell in love with it. Ginni Suri is a talented ceramic artist and her passion shines through her unique ceramic collection that ranges from Tableware, Home Decor, Art works to jewellery.

We talked and discussed the idea and everyone agreed to move ahead with it. We wanted to combine the products in such a manner that they portray a story. Based on this, we shortlisted the products which both Paulami and Ginni diligently sent out to me.

Our very first idea was "Fish in the water". I combined Paulami's Illeesh - Earrings and Ginni's Handmade Ceramic Plate - Deep Blue Sea to create the art of fishes swimming through the deep blue sea. With a white flat lay background and a hint of yellow and white light, I was able to create the exact image we had in our mind.

Another idea that was close to my heart and turned out even better after execution was -The little feeding birdies. For this we combined Paulami's Bulbul Brooch and Ginni's Leaf Plate. I used a thermocol sheet to place a big leaf as base, then used toothpicks to tuck the brooches and placed Green Leaf plate in front of them. The whole execution turned out to be just perfect!

Last but not the least, my favourite image was off course, the one with me in it. I asked my husband Vivek, to help out with the capture. I wore Paulami's Angoori Finger Ring and held Ginni's Organic Shaped Tea Cup. I intended to get a candid shot with the laid back feel of soaking sun and sipping coffee, which we successfully got. I added some smoke animation, to give the imagery more life.

This whole collaboration triggered the idea of No-Contact Product photography to me. In the Covid times, it is tough to meet and get photo shoots done. This whole idea of sending over products from any part of country and getting a creative photoshoot done really inspired me to do more often.

Check out this link for more details on same.

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