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5 ways to decorate your walls with photos

Pictures are not just a piece of paper, or a file on your mobile/laptop. Every picture represents a moment, a memory.

While the trend has come to click hundreds of photos in our mobile or camera, and keep them as digital clusters, there are still some special ones that you would want to preserve more than just a file.

There are a lot of creative ways to use the special pictures, which include making photo albums, fridge magnets, table frames but my favourite of all is wall frames. Why? Because when arranged in specific format, they can look really elegant and can amp up the whole decor of your home.

Photojaanic has launched a whole new range of wall photo frames in different looks and finishes, with a pocket friendly budget. Also, keep reading this blog to find an exclusive coupon code for yourself in the end!

Also, these wall frames are coated with a water resistant silk finish which helps in keeping them safe and easy to clean.

Let’s see 5 ways, by which we can use wall picture frames to decorate your walls and fill them up with memories :

1. Single picture frame : While we all aim to use most of the images to be displayed at one place, sometimes using a single beautiful picture to cover the maximum area of the wall can bring a very elegant and beautiful look to your living room.

You can also use a picture that is more or a private moment, and hang it on your bed as something to be admired and cherished.

The single frame layout is generally in a horizontal landscape format that covers most of the empty area of the wall.

2. Photo Collage : This layout is the oldest way to decorate a wall with photos, but still looks fun to play with. Photojaanic has a variety of frame looks, ranging from Cherry brown, pine, teak and classic black.

Mix and match the colours and be creative with your wall photo collage.

3. Three frames in a row : While single frame and collage looks good, another way to showcase pictures is using 3 parallel square frames lined up. The key here is to keep the pictures related to a single scene, event or moment.

Keeping the images related makes the line up look very elegant and can bring back a lot of memories from that event. With Photojaanic, you can create your wall frames easily and in a hassle free way. They have an easy UI to help you preview your photos in different frames and colours/shapes.

4. 2 Rows format : Another fun way to put up pictures is to use the wall area and split it in 2 rows. You can use square frames in the first row and maybe a single or 2 rectangle frames in the bottom row. That gives breathing space to the images, and also you get the opportunity to use different orientation images.

5. Be Creative : Last but not the least, just be creative and experiment with your layout. There is no right or wrong way to place your special pictures on the wall, and it’s your home, your space, so just be creative with your thoughts and experiment with different ways to place your memories.

Photojaanic frames are glass free, which makes them safe to use, easy to manage and break free. They also give a very beautiful look with silk finish and a variety of frame looks. Check them out here and use the coupon code below to get a whooping 35% off on the whole range! Special offer valid for a limited period only.

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