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In talks with Tulika - Founder SOROR Sister Edit

In talks with Tulika, founder of Soror - The Sister Edit, an online community that connects women around the world. We recently did a Virtual Portrait photoshoot with Tulika, which turned out to be totally amazing. Let’s know more about Tulika, her journey with SOROR and more.

To start with we really wish to know the whole concept of SOROR, how exactly it works and what are the ways one can enroll as a member in it?

SORROR - The Sisters Edit is an online community that connects women around the globe, forging alliances to "Unlock the untapped 50% potential of this WORLD".

At SOROR we are on a mission to talk openly, honestly, and share with each other. With a goal to empower each other by being a role model, offer support, celebrate each other's wins, and look for opportunities to promote other women.

So all that one has to do is make an account on our website which is a simple 2 step process and start blogging. We have on purpose kept it as flexible as possible with no minimum word limit, you can add pictures, video’s, even your Instagram videos. We really aim to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible and hence we are constantly taking feedback and enhancing the processes.

What triggered you to start with this idea. It’s a huge platform to manage such big data on a global level. What was your thought process while building this platform?

Virtual Portrait Photoshoot by Candid Memoir Photography

Honestly two things triggered me to get started on this:

  1. I really don't think we women compliment ourselves and each other enough. And most definitely we don't know how to take a compliment. We tend to underplay our achievements. I don’t like that.

  2. Women are natural multitaskers (no offence to men) and hence we land up acquiring so much knowledge it's unbelievable but we are not bringing it together. We are not optimizing it and if our little knowledge can inspire / help someone succeed imagine the kind of ripple impact it can have.

So this is my way of doing my little bit.

How has been the response so far? Do you think women are able to come forward and share their journey or is there still some resistance ?

It's been great. Both from readers and writers perspective. In the short 3 months period we have already featured over 40 women from different walks of life, with close to 200 blogs and our reader base is growing on a daily basis. And it's 100% organic so that's very encouraging.

But like I said before we women don't know how to take a compliment and this short journey has really reinforced that belief in me. It takes a lot of effort and soul searching for most women to say yes “I have achieved a lot and I have to share it”. 90% of the time the response is “It's nothing special” they will talk about the venture but themselves is a push.

Virtual photoshoot by Candid Memoir Photography

You are the one interviewing many wonderful women and their journey so far. We would like to know your journey before SOROR and how you reached here.

I come from a family of professionals where education is given utmost importance. So post my graduation in Statistics and MBA like many others, I too had based my definition of success on my corporate career as the singular source of truth. After a successful corporate career of 10 years when I started my own family I made the big decision to take a pause and give my 100% to my kid and my family.

However I felt there was still something amiss, no adrenaline rush to create new waves, new dreams to push for, I felt I wasn’t being true to my own values of bringing the sense of family and friends like family to the larger community.

After much procrastination and dilemma, I am proud to share the confluence of my background and my desire to shape the world around me: ‘SOROR - The sisters edit’.

Virtual Portrait Photoshoot by Candid Memoir Photography

Okay now coming to our virtual photo session. Tell us how the whole experience was, in terms of difficulties, challenges and yes the fun part too. Did you even ever think that someday you would be doing something like this for your portraits?

I really have to accept that I almost went for it for the experience and honestly to see it for myself as to how it can be even done. I just could not wrap my head around it, and believe me I am not that technologically challenged.

But it was absolutely fun. I almost felt like you were with me in the room as I could hear you and your instructions just the way one would in a real photo shoot. And then obviously the end product the pictures speak for themselves and hence need no caption at all.

Yes I have to say that one needs an assistant to do this. In my case fortunately my helper helped set up the angles, without her it would have been a little more difficult. But other than that I think it was completely worth it. I didn't have to step out, get exposed and I was actually able to squeeze in multiple costume changes. How amazing is that!

What do you think about the final result of the virtual photo session? And how practical do you think it is for people across the world to venture it for themselves? Would you recommend this to your readers on SOROR?

100%, I don't see a downside. As an expert, yes you say that picture quality is not the same but to a layman like me I can’t pinpoint the difference.

I think it's absolutely practical and a viable option for family shoots and special moments. In today's time and age I think it's important to capture whatever family time one gets with loved ones and if you can do it from the comfort of your home, with no exposure then it's a total winner.

Last question, but the most important one, you have been asking this question yourself and we want to ask the same to you too. What does Sisterhood mean to you?

Virtual Portrait Photoshoot by Candid Memoir Photography

SISTERHOOD is like a religion for me. It's everything.

I come from a family where me, my 2 sisters and 2 cousins were brought up all together. By my mother and my aunt (sisters themselves). And then I went to Lady Shri Ram college in Delhi and met these amazing women who are my pillar of strength. And then I got married into a family where I inherited 2 sisters in laws and 3 nieces. So you can say I am surrounded with absolutely amazing, strong, independent, women and that’s what I want us all to have. A security net where you can be your true self.

If you wish to connect with Tulika or become a member at SOROR, please sign up on the link below or connect on Instagram.


Sign up link :

Instagram :

Also, you can read about our recent blog with SOROR below :

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Interested in getting a Virtual photoshoot done for yourself? Drop in a query or click here to know more.

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