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5 personalized Rakhi gift ideas

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

As Rakhi is around the corner, we all gear up for gifts and start looking for ideas. Gifting something with personal touch and also which is useful in daily life can be a perfect combination this year for your brother/sister.

(Image by Candid Memoir Photography. Apparel's brand courtesy Miko Lolo)

Here are 5 things you can personalize and gift to make this Rakhi extra special : 1. Calendars : Calendars are the best example of a gift which is full of memories and also something which we use on a daily basis. You can pick the best 12 images of you both together, doesn't have to be recent images, but you can pick out childhood memories too. Print them in whichever way you feel works best for them, either wall calendar, Desk calendar or Poster calendar.

Check out Calendars here.

2. Wall Hanging Poster : Second option is a collage poster, which can accommodate all the beautiful memories with your sibling. You can add a message to it too along with all the best images that bring back so much emotion. It is non-tearable and water resistant, comes with wooden textured bars, ready to display! Check out Wall Hanging posters here.

3. Photo strip bookmarks : If your sibling loves reading books then these photo strips are a very new and innovative gift item. You can add 4 images and also add a message on the back. These come in a pack of 5, which means you can print up to 20 images. Pack them in a beautiful paper with a ribbon and it will make a beautiful Rakhi gift! Check out Photo Strips here.

4. Personalized greeting cards : Your sibling lives in another state/country and you planning to send them the Rakhi? Add these personalized greeting cards to your Rakhi package with your photos, messages and design as you like. These are easy to create with so many templates to choose from.

Check out personalized greeting cards here.

5. Photobooks : This is one gift item which never goes out of style and one of my personal favorites. These hardcover photo books comes in different sizes and a lot of templates to choose from. Pick up your size preference and design with all the images which hold importance in your lives. Add personal notes in the beginning or end to make it even more special. Check out Hard cover photobooks here.

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