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A virtual maternity photoshoot

Maternity photoshoots are very special as they reflect a milestone in a couple's life. The journey of those 9 months are filled with emotions and feelings, looking forward to new chapter of their lives.

With the situation of pandemic, comes a concern of mother's and baby's health safety and this is why Akshita approached me with a request of virtual shoot.

Akshita and Apurv are from Bengaluru, and wanted to capture this phase without putting on the risk of health. As much as I was overwhelmed with the trust they both showed in me for this task, I wasn't sure how I will be able to pull of a maternity shoot virtually, that too indoors. I told Akshita about what all to expect with the final images and how they will have to actively participate in the shoot for moving the mobile and following my instructions. Akshita didn't even blink once to doubt and asked me to just let her know whatever is needed.

Maternity shoot is mostly about poses and props. We had to plan very wisely what all props we can order to make it work in their home. As the usual process, I asked them to send a home tour video, which helps me decide what all places we can shoot at. Akshita wanted the shoot in a beautiful dress and traditional saree too, which again made me wonder how to bring out the best of maternity pictures in a saree. The idea of exploring this new venture was very exciting and we discussed more and more to make a 2 days shoot plan.

We started the shoot with this beautiful red dress from which had this nice flare. She wanted that nice swirl of the dress in air and that is something I have never explored before in a virtual shoot. I was open to try everything for her and give her in return the best of images.

We started the shoot around 11 30 am as that is the best time for the natural light and it went for like 1 hour. The shoot was full of so much fun, as I tried to make the couple comfortable and cracked some silly jokes, they both just looked super cute together and Akshita's glow was unmatched.

The dress and the color and her baby bump, everything was on point perfect and the images came out just amazing. Next day they wanted some family shots with their parents too and some shots in saree. I planned some nice elegant poses in saree and got ready to venture them out.

Both the mothers were filled with joy and I had wide grin on my face all through the shoot. Everyone played along with props and poses and so much laughter. Next we moved to the couple's images and solo portraits of Akshita in saree. I had an image in my mind which I wanted to explore with her and trust me it came out 100% exactly as I imagined. I feel these images are by far one of my finest work in maternity.

The final gallery was filled with so many warmth, feelings and emotions, with giggles and love. It was just perfect and felt complete. I cannot thank Akshita enough for trusting me and giving me this chance. And guess what, a beautiful baby boy arrived the very next weekend!

Here's what Akshita has to say about the shoot :

"We had such a wonderful experience with Kriti, she put us at so much ease while capturing the most precious moment of our lives in maternity virtual photoshoot. We enjoyed every moment of the shoot & the pictures came out to be just fabulous. With a pro like Kriti by your side be prepared to be amazed!!"

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