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A Day with Jiah | Family photographer in Delhi

This photoshoot with Jiah Joemon is probably the best thing that happened to me this year. Yes, this year 2020, as dreadful it is, I do have some amazing memories to look back at.

I believe in vibes.. positive mainly.. That's something that attracts me towards a person in a manner that I feel we have known each other for years. That's the kinda vibes I got from Reema, Jiah's mother.

Reema and I, planned this Family photoshoot back in december and it happened in Jan, 2020. The weather was amazingly beautiful. Reema and I talked so much before the shoot that it didn't even feel like we are meeting for the first time.. that's the kind of bond I love to make with ever client of mine.

Jiah was so full of energy the whole time. She was giggling, running around, tickling her parents and what not. I was smiling the whole time and the shoot went like a breeze.. Even after the shoot we stay connected and I am sure I have earned an amazing friend.

I keep on saying and repeating my words, asking parents to take out time and book such Portrait sessions with their little ones. It hardly takes few hours from 1 day and in the end

you have beautiful pictures with the people who are most important in your life. Don't just rely on selfies and mobile pictures anymore... your family deserves much more :)

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