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Elemeno - A kid's brand with Happy Vibes!

The name "Elemeno" is inspired by something we were taught in school... L-M-N-O-P.. And we always loved the way it sounded like one word! And you cannot deny that the mere sound of it bring a smile on your face.

I recently worked with a kid's brand ELEMENO which focuses on one thing - Happiness! Their motive is to make such products which make the kids happy.

During the photoshoot, Kenisha enjoyed spelling the words in The Spelling Flipbook, as her mother gave hints to help her. They have a wide range of products; products that are interactive, developmental, educational, nostalgic and family-friendly. They are designed to engage the kids in a fun and productive manner.

What I loved more about their products was how they bring family together. They’re designed to encourage interactions, which I could clearly see while taking the picture.

The product price range starts from Rs. 299/- only! Check out their full collection here.

For queries related to Product Photoshoot with us, Click Here.

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