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Facetime Photoshoot

Yes, this happened. Before the lockdown happened, I had the whole week planned with photoshoots. And suddenly, they were all delayed without even a certain date. This was indeed disappointing it was for me and for other photographers across the world.


But this shouldn't stop us all from creating beautiful images.. with

this thought some photographers came up with the concept of "Facetime Photoshoot". As crazy as this concept sounds, it gives you so much scope of being creative with right technical knowledge and a lot of planning.

So I planned one such Facetime Photoshoot with Udita, a friend and a beautiful blogger (Checkout her blog on Instagram @withlovezuzu). We looked for videos for ideas, planned dresses, poses and what not.

When the shoot started, we thought of 2 ways to click the pictures, one by taking screenshots and second by clicking picture of Ipad from SLR.

To be very honest it did take me some time to understand what I was doing, but after a while it was so much fun.

I designed some flat-lays also to add more elements to the picture. The photo-session last for almost 3 hour session, and we were exhausted! But what fun! Bored at home? Go ahead, try out this fun concept with a friend, and you might just end up creating gorgeous pictures :)

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