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FaceTime Photoshoot : Series 2

So continuing my new found love with Facetime virtual photo-shoots, I planned another one with my childhood friend Neelima. She is currently living in London and recently had a beautiful daughter Avni.

Neelima and I have been trying to plan a photoshoot for her since her wedding, but every time something or the other happened and the photoshoot got jinxed! Finally, when Covid happened and Facetime virtual photosesions happened, it struck to both of us why not this way.

So we both planned a day on weekend and then a time which would suit both of us for the photosession. A lot of thinking went into the photoshoot prep, like time of the photoshoot (keeping in mind the timezones). the apparels for mom and baby, color palette, locations, lighting. In short, everything I would plan in a normal photoshoot.

It might feel pretty comfortable thinking we just have to make a phone call and that's it, but no. Neelima had to buy a tripod for the photoshoot and during the photoshoot Avni would keep getting cranky so she need to calm her down and then again pose. To get my instructions Neelima wore a bluetooth headset, which I had to make sure doesn't show in pictures.. ! Yeah, so much to think about.. haha!

But all that was so much worth once we got some good shots. Checkout more shots below :)

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