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How to plan for a maternity photoshoot - Guide for mothers to be

Becoming a mother is a very special milestone of your life and getting a maternity photoshoot done makes this even more special. It's a way to celebrate this occasion and celebrate the life within. The memories captured in a maternity shoot are forever and every time you look back to them you relive those magical 9 months.

As much as a maternity phot session is an exciting idea, it can very overwhelming too. With pregnancy might come a lot of health complications and you are already overloaded with lots of emotions. It's essential you prepare yourself in advance for the photoshoot in order to make sure the session goes smooth.

Below are 5 tips that come handy while booking and preparing your maternity phot session :

1. Research well before finalizing your photographer : This goes for every kind of photoshoot, but for maternity it is really a key since it's important that you are able to connect to your photographer. It is essential that you get the care and comfort while the photoshoot and your health is kept as top priority. After booking the session, talk to your photographer and let them know if you have any medical condition that needs special care. For example, if you cannot stand for long, then your photographer needs to plan more for sitting shots and so on.

Another important thing to discuss with your photographer before booking a shoot is if you want them to share your maternity images on social media. Many mother are not comfortable sharing the images before the baby is born so if you have such requirement, it is essential to talk this through so that both of you are on same page.

2. Planning a date : With every booking, I get an instant question about when should we plan the shoot. Which month, week is recommended by me. I personally feel 7th month of pregnancy is the best time to plan a maternity photoshoot. Reason being, it's the safest time health wise and also the baby bump is prominent enough. If the baby bump is still not visible enough then 8th month is also a good option. Booking a maternity photoshoot in last 2 weeks of your pregnancy is not a very good idea as it brings a lot of uncertainties for both you and your photographer. So planning ahead is always safe.

3. What to wear : This is the second question that pops up by every mother-to-be. My first tip is, wear something comfortable. It can be a bodycon dress, or a free flowing gown or a pretty Kurta. My first motive is to make sure the mother-to-be is at ease. Avoid patterns/bold prints and try to keep it as solid patterned as possible. The reason is to make you stand out in the picture without any distractions. It also avoids the chance of you merging with background. Also for colors, avoid green, brown and go for white, pink, peach, yellow. Lace work, textured dresses also work beautifully.

Pro tip : If you cannot find a maternity special dress, just buy a normal flowy dress 2 size above your normal size and you will fit in beautifully. Later on after pregnancy you can get the same altered to your current size.

Tips describing on what kind of dress to wear on maternity photoshoot.

4. Hair and makeup : A little styling never hurts anyone, even with a candid maternity photoshoot. It gives more confidence to you while the shoot and also bring a lot of difference in the final images. If you are not able to get a professional makeup help, you can always do the same at home with ease yourself. Small changes like Curling your hair by the ends, having a subtle and matte makeup base is enough. Also if you are shooting in a hot/humid weather, carry a small Compact powder with you along with your lipstick (avoid gloss).

5. Sleep early : If you have a morning shoot, make sure to get a lot of rest a night before and recharge your energy. Plan everything a day before and prepare your carry along bag. Also put in the items like water bottle, biscuits, tissues etc. Most importantly do not panic and trust your photographer.


Kriti Agarwal

Founder & Photographer at

"Kriti makes you feel at ease from the start. even if you are a layman at being a model.. She have planned every detail minutely to ensure your purpose of getting photoshoot is met successfully." - Esha

"Thanks candid memoir for capturing our beautiful moments. Great experience. Kriti is an awesome photographer and she is so calm and kind. All pictures clicked by you just awesome, mesmerizing and always makes me smile...:) :) and also love your captions... super duper work done by you...:) " - Arti Chauhan

"Truly magical! The photos, choice of locations, props and everything is just perfect. They have a point to

make you comfortable on the shoot, so you are not at all conscious while posing! Keep up the good work.

Looking forward for my next shoot with you" - Neha

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