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What is a Natural Lighting shoot?

You might have heard the term "Natural lighting" while trying to book a photographer for your shoot. Ever wondered what exactly does it means and how is it different from a normal photo-session setup?

So, as the name suggests, it simply means the shoot will be done using only and only natural light source (sun) and no external flash will be used. This doesn't only restrict to Outdoor shoots but also Indoor shoots too.

I myself work only with Natural light and I feel it just adds a magic to the picture but making it look very natural. Having said that, this kind of photography is really challenging as we photographers have to setup our whole picture frame according to the light source. The time of photo-session also varies a lot according to the weather.

But trust me, it's all worth it when you see the final results :)

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Neelima Singh
Neelima Singh
Oct 11, 2019

Natural light gives natural pictures as well!! Perfect!


They are my favorite too!!

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