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My first Food Photography Photoshoot!

"You are what you eat.."

This is what came to my mind when I met Shefali.

She is a Food Blogger/Critic and currently most of her food is about health. Her recipes are very innovative and most of the time she creates wonder in her kitchen.

Looking at her work makes you detoxified and so is her nature. That's what made me connect to her instantly! ❤


I connected with Shefali last year around July on social Media. She keeps posting these amazing food pictures, which are literally treat for eyes. She has an amazing sense for Healthy Living and Healthy Eating.

While taking the project I was looking forward to capture her love for food and how she pours her heart and soul in it. She suggested although her Blog feed is mostly about Greens and health but this time she wants to get clicked Baking (not so healthy haha)!

The photoshoot was so much fun, and being my first every Food Photography assignment, I learnt a lot. Shefali maintained her patience all through while I struggled light, angle etc etc etc!

Even now we talk often and discuss food, healthy alternatives to sweet tooth cravings and so much more. Do checkout her blog here :

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