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My first product photo-shoot

Firsts are always special.. Isn’t it? So was for me my first Product photo-shoot that too in a very lifestyle and casual setup. The Brand was none other than Himalaya Baby care and the products were their baby care products. Karuna approached me for the photoshoot and we decided to do it in a very casual and homely manner.

Kids are unpredictable. We all know that and you can never force them to be happy for the sake of pictures. Kenisha was a bit too cranky and that made us both worried. While I had the idea to cheer her up but in such cases there is a very small time frame until the mood changes back again to cranky.. Haha! So I asked Karuna to set up the room with a white bed sheet, as we wanted to showcase products and I didn’t want any distractions.

When we both were ready with setup and products, I asked Karuna to tickle and cuddle Kenisha and ask her to carry her to the room saying let’s play. As she entered the room and saw the products she herself got excited to know what that was.

Without wasting any more time, I asked Karuna to make her sit in her lap and let her play with the products, use them and enjoy. I loved how Kenisha is wearing a Blur and Karuna is wearing all neutrals and that is making the color of products pop up. I was super tensed about how to make the products more focused and how to make sure we are able to tell a story around them.

I asked Karuna to tickle Kenisha and we all just burst out laughing. I took some over the head shots of Kenisha laughing hysterically and to be honest those turned out to be super gorgeous.

In the end I had the mix of all kinds of shots, including the bond of mother and daughter, keeping the products in focus.

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