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Why to book a Post-Wedding photoshoot.. And when is the right time for it?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Post-wedding photoshoots are my favorite! Why? Because it gives me a chance to rejuvenate the love between the couple.

Basically, we shouldn’t just wait for an event to celebrate love and make memories. It doesn’t have to be only your wedding day, but can be any other day afterwards. Be it, your anniversary, your birthday, Valentine's day or simple a free Sunday! You don’t really need to have a reason to book a post-wedding photo session.

Also, if you are parents and have kids, then ask your photographer to include some couple portraits in the mid of family photo session. It might be a little awkward at the time of shoot, but trust me you two will really cherish these pictures afterwards.

Having said that, it’s very different from a Pre-wedding photoshoot, in many perspectives. The couples are in a comfort zone with each other, more candid as there is so much history between them, and many times the shoot turn out to be so much fun that we all end up laughing!

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