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What to wear for your photo-session?

Although this is really a very personalized advice that I give to all my clients before the shoot, but here I will list down some basics that you can use as tips for any kind of photo-session!

DO NOT MATCH : It's great to mix and match when it comes to colors. That would light up the pictures and bring more smiles on your faces. You'll love your pictures so much more. Promise!

AVOID PATTERNS : Be careful with patterns. Try and think more TEXTURE and less patterns. Small patterns are fine…as long as they won’t detract from your faces! Avoid large, bold plaids and super-contrasty stripes. Because more often than not, less is more!

AVOID GREENS : As most of outdoor sessions are in gardens or areas like that, which has lush greens and browns in the background, we should always avoid these two colors.

BE COMFORTABLE : No matter what you wear, if you are not comfortable in it, then end result won't be that great either! So, pick something you are comfortable wearing and carrying.

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