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Why should we print photos?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

In this age of technology, when we can literally live in our mobile phones, if I ask you to print your photos, your answer will be "Why?". It's true that we have literally unlimited space of storage in our mobiles/laptops/hard disks/cloud platforms but what about the storage in our heart? Does these devices do justice to the emotions attached with the pictures you take years after years? Again, if I ask you how often do you organize the photos clicked on day to day basis or on special occasions? Are there proper folders/sub-folders, event wise galleries and so on?

Doesn't matter if you got a professional shoot done, or clicked these images yourself at home, each picture is a memory, a treasure and deserves to be preserved in the best way possible for generations to come. Images are moments, and they carry your legacy years after years. In this time of COVID, we have learnt the importance of family and spending time together cherishing every moment.

We should definitely and definitely print photos because :

- Every picture is a moment : which is never going to come back again. Be it your kid's first step, his first birthday cake, his first school day, these are the moments which you were able to capture and now they are treasure. Sadly with technology these treasures get lost inside with the thousands of other not so important pictures/screenshots/WhatsApp forwards. They deserve a special treatment and a special space.

- You can add your emotions : in words with prints. Suppose you have 20 pictures every month in the first year of your kid growing up, and every picture has a story to it. Every picture has an emotion related to it while you took it. You can make a photobook where you can convert those emotions and story into words and write with the picture. It's like documenting journey and celebrating life. Imagine the happiness on your child's face when you hand over these photobooks and be able to convey what you felt at that time.

- You can always loose your digital images : Be it saved on your mobile, your hard disk or on cloud, there's always a possibility of loosing your precious moments either by mistake or my a device crash. Why take that risk when you can print them in a laminated album or a pretty non-tearable photobook.

- You can sit together and enjoy the memory down the lane : which rarely happens with a digital image. You might almost never sit down saying to your family/friends lets watch these photos of our last trip in my mobile/laptop. Touching each picture, each page, seeing the colors, it's an unexplainable feeling.

- You are forced to choose the best of the lot : With a mobile phone and unlimited clicks, we tend to over click images, be it an occasions or a trip or daily moments. Not all are good enough to keep but we feel lazy enough to start the process of culling and remove the shaky or repeated ones. Once you decide to print the images, you will really try and see which ones are good and should be kept to print and delete the rest. Helps your clear the space to create more memories and captures.

Having said this, what are our options?

When it comes to printing, I personally feel making photobooks is the best way to preserve and organize pictures. You can make photobooks according to occasions, trip and for day to day images you can print bi-yearly photobooks. This habit will also make you click more with an intention to print the images. Your vision will be shifted with a motive to click more mindfully rather then randomly. Photobooks occupy least of space and can be upgraded to bigger sizes according to the occasions.

If you are looking to create photobooks and printing options, please do come in contact and I will be happy to help!

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